Good things come in small packages. Lillian Ruff's new Jet Set Pet Travel Kit includes some of our favorite pet grooming products, now in travel sizes, to help keep your pet fresh, clean, and looking great no matter where in the world they wander.

Lillian Ruff Jet Set Pet travel Kit includes:

(1x) Lavender waterless dog shampoo 0.33 Oz
(1x) Lavender Coconut waterless dog shampoo 0.33 Oz
(1x) Citrus waterless dog shampoo 0.33 Oz
(1x) Vanilla waterless dog shampoo 0.33 Oz
(1x) Puppy Fresh Leave-in dog conditioner spray/detangler 0.33 Oz
(1x) Spearmint dog breath spray 0.33 Oz
(1x) Lavender Coconut spray ear cleaner & Otic wax solvent 0.33 Oz
(1x) Drawstring travel bag

  • TSA AIRLINE CARRY ON APPROVED: An assortment of 7 refillable pet grooming sprays packed in a beautifully designed & easy to carry space-saving pouch. Taking your best friend traveling can be easy. Keep all your travel dog grooming supplies in one place!
  • YOUR DOG TRAVEL Bag is more than a puppy grooming kit! It comes with (4)different scented deodorizing dog waterless shampoo travel sprays, in lavender, lavender coconut, citrus & vanilla! (1) Dog conditioner & detangler spray, (1) breath spray for dogs, and (1) ear cleaner & Otic wax solvent for dogs. Loaded with puppy essentials to make the perfect doggie travel bag!
  • ORGANIZE DOG ESSENTIALS: From a dog beach day trip, dog camping, airline travel, to week-long road trips, the Lillian Ruff Jet Set pet airline travel kit has the dog grooming supplies you need for your puppy or mature dog. Your favorite Lillian Ruff Products are available on the go! Loaded with travel accessories for small dogs, large dogs, puppies, and mature dogs.
Lillian Ruff "Jet Set Pet" Travel Kit for Dogs

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