Good things come in small packages! Your favorite Lillian Ruff Products are available on the go!  Our favorite pet grooming products, now in travel sizes, help keep your pet fresh, clean, and looking great no matter where in the world they wander.

A whitening and brightening shampoo that actually works. Our berry blue shampoo will remove tear stains, brighten your dog or cat's coat and leave them smelling fresh for days. Our pleasant blueberry scent is made from natural fruit extracts. Our facial shampoo for dogs and cats can be used as a full-body shampoo as well as a facial cleanser. Not only will our shampoo brighten and whiten your furry friends' coats but it will help soothe their itchy dry skin and give them the relief they deserve

(1x) Berry Blue Brightening Face & Body Wash 2 Oz

Berry Blue Brightening Face & Body Wash - Travel

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