Walking your dog regularly is vital to your dog's health. Not only does it help them go to the bathroom but it helps improve cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, build stronger muscles and bones, and also helps you get some exercise as well.

If you walk your dog regularly, you know how important it is to remember a bag to clean up after them. There is nothing quite like getting up close and personal with your dog's poop. Lillian Ruff Dog Bone Waste Bag dispensers make it easy to always have poop bags with you wherever you go.

Our dispensers make it easy for replacing waste bags. Simply twist off the cap and slide in a new roll of waste bags and then re-attach the cap. The round opening in the middle allows quick access to waste bags when they are needed.

This variety pack comes with 3 dog bone-shaped waste bag dispensers in black, white & frost colors. Each dispenser comes with a roll of 15 dog waste bags, giving you a total of 45 waste bags. Chose a color to match your leash or even your mood. Homes with multiple dogs can make the most of our bone bag sets.

Waste Bag Dispenser 3pc Set with Leash Clip

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